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The Secret Cancer is a documentary film about the various forms of Appendix Cancer. This website features the doctors, researchers, patients, survivors and their families who participated in this effort to raise awareness of this disease.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Building Blocks Are Coming Together

The PMP Research Organization has really embraced the documentary. They kindly put out a call for stories from patients, survivors and caregivers. The response has been overwhelming. At times, I mean this literally. Each story is very moving and inspiring. These are extraordinary people showing tremendous grace under considerable pressure. It's been an honor to meet them. We hope to do their stories justice.

Speaking of moving stories, I've had my first conversation with Sean Hepburn Ferrer about telling Audrey Hepburn's story. We're very excited about that.

Relatives and friends in Philadelphia and Ohio have piped up to be our crews during the shoots this summer. We're also getting more offers for equipment. Still, our fund raising efforts need to pick up more steam as we aren't getting very much for free. The word is getting out about the fund raising by people kindly posting the link on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Hopefully, the donations will pick up soon.

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