About The Film

The Secret Cancer is a documentary film about the various forms of Appendix Cancer. This website features the doctors, researchers, patients, survivors and their families who participated in this effort to raise awareness of this disease.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Steady Progress Toward the First Shoot.

Though we've been very quiet, progress is being made with regard to the shoot in Philadelphia. I had an opportunity to interact with one of the chairs of the PMP Cancer Walk last week. We was very pleased to hear that there will be more experts on the disease present at the 2nd Annual PMP Symposium than we thought. That's great for the documentary and for me. I'm still learning about the disease I've been fighting. As for crew for the shoot, along with my nephew, we are asking for help from Jon's Ala Mater, The University of the Arts. There is a good possibility that there may be film students available to help with the camerawork. That would be great. We can run a camera, but it's better for Jon to be focused on getting the best shot possible. And for me, it's best that I'm focusing solely on the interview. Also, my immediate family and my In-Laws are organizing transportation to get us everywhere we need to be.

The most important thing happening is the creation of a database of patients, survivors and caregivers. We've been very pleased at the level of responses we've received. We're asking respondents to share very personal and painful stories. Their courage and generosity is inspiring. We really look forward to meeting them in person.